Thursday, February 24, 2005

An Updatey Thing

OK, so, I spent this morning looking at houses. I've got a couple of distinct possibles, including one that currently belongs to a co-worker of mine, which is kind of cool. I'm going to look at another one tomorrow morning, though I think that one's probably a bit out of my price range. Very nice from the outside, though.

Also, you may remember the problems I was having with this stupid treadmill machine I bought. Well they sent me a replacement console for it (at no charge, which was very nice, considering that it was entirely my own fault the first one died). No blue smoke, bad smell, or melted batteries this time, which is a good sign, and the motor works, but there's still something wrong, because the display, which is supposed to show you all kinds of useful things like your speed and time and distance and calories burned, seems entirely disinclined to ever show anything but zeros. I'm wondering at this point whether it's even worth it to call and complain again (especially given that it took multiple tries to get hold of them the first time). I don't, strictly speaking, need to know that stuff, but, y'know, it'd be nice.

Also, I wish I'd known I was going to be moving when I bought it, or I would have waited. One more damned heavy thing to move, hooray.

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