Friday, February 11, 2005

Search Request Weekly

Here's the latest batch!

  • legolas ticklish feet: Well, he's got those dainty little elf feet, you know.

  • taboo nudity: Because socially acceptable nudity is less interesting.

  • "car thief tools": I'm sure there was a perfectly innocent reason behind this search.

  • free naked black women: Fortunately, the 14th amendment covers naked as well as clothed people.

  • ticklish phobic: Is it because of dainty little elf feet?

  • sexclips samples: I deny ever having used the word "sexclips." Or even having any idea what it means.

  • babylon 5 nude fakes: Well, come on, who hasn't wondered exactly where the Centauri keep those tentacles?

  • what did William Golding want to accomplish by the novel Lord of the Flies?: Royalties?

  • 50's housekeeping for operator: Wow, the phone company used to do a lot more for you in the 50's!

  • "store security" "take off my": Are you sure that was store security?

  • orc fanfic lotr: I recommend Mary Gentle's Grunts!.

  • contellation of star by its history its appearance [a picture]what star its made of and ho...: Wow, that displays remarkable unfamiliarity with both the English language and astronomy.

  • the sims 2 - instill of heads and skins: My favorite misspelling of the week.

  • "alice in wonderland" "eat me" metaphysical: The cake was metaphysical? Hmm, OK, yeah, it probably was.

  • Snow Wizard evaporative Snow Machine: I don't know what that is, but it sounds like fun.

  • free .wav nails on a chalkboard: Oh, man, this guy's working on building the Most Annoying Website Ever, I can tell.

  • blog share a bathroom: Wow, blogs are getting really specialized these days.
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