Friday, February 04, 2005

Search Request Weekly

Notice how I sneakily changed the name? I think I'm going to keep it like that.

  • perverted nudity: I don't know, I really just don't think nudity is all that perverted, by itself.

  • hot taping tie in pipeline: I'm sure this has something to do with plumbing, but, man, does it sound vaguely dirty to anybody else, or is it just me?

  • preview jerry springer videos uncut for free: You mean, people pay for them?!

  • bunny teens 31: Do bunnies even live into their teens? I know they don't live to be 31.

  • trouble copying farscape: I've never had any.

  • blister packaging machine in chiana: Geez, I knew she was kinky, but god damn!

  • Board Games - Verbosity: Yes, look for Maximum Verbosity: The Board Game coming soon to a store near you!

  • tickling "Charlies Angels": They could beat you up, you know.

  • rebel and mudding T-shirts: Ah, yes, mudders are known for their crazy rebel tendencies.

  • john le carre vs salman rushdie: On the next Celebrity Deathmatch!

  • zesty games with naked men: "Zesty!" Now there's a great word! I mean, doesn't that sound fun?

  • fan fiction graham pumps xander for information: Why do I have the feeling that one's not rated G?

  • aeryn sun catsuit pics: Did she ever wear one? I don't think the Scorpy Suit counts.

  • fanfiction bladder explode: You don't have to read an entire novel-length story in one sitting, you know. You're allowed to get up for bathroom breaks.

  • "Anime addiction" research articles: Is that going to make it into the official manual of psychiatric disorders soon?

  • verbosity in valve: Um... Is there an ointment for that?

  • funny cartoons illustrating human mate preference: Well, I guess we humans do have some funny mate preferences.

  • dental hygine pain: Brushing hurts less if you don't wait until your gums are bleeding to do it, you know.

  • "doctor adventures" "sex": Man, I knew they were looking to make the new Doctor Who series a bit more hip and modern, but geez.

  • barefoot school: Is that in Kentucky?

  • spiral gazing with tits in the middle of the spiral online for free: I don't think you get that for free. I think you've got to pay your local drug dealer for that.

  • lots of garak: Yeah, you can never have enough Garak!

  • when do female chihuahuas start to menstruate: I can honestly say that not only do I not know the answer to that question, but I have never, ever thought of it before. And don't particularly wish to think of it now.

  • common to elvish translator: Ah a familiar want ad listing in the Middle Earth Classifieds.

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