Saturday, February 19, 2005

Search Request Weekly

Yes, it's the feature you all wait for each week with eager anticipation! Because the people searching for stuff on my blog are, frankly, more interesting than I am. Which I'm actually kind of grateful for, considering the stuff some of 'em come here looking for...

  • healthiess people: Is that some small ethnic group I'm unaware of? The Healthiess People?

  • where to buy jigsaw puzzles in hay-on-wye: I don't know. Do they have a toy store?

  • spiderman meets doctor zap: Now there's a name for a bad guy! Doctor Zap! You gotta love comic books. (Er, I assume he's actually a comic book character? OK, yeah, I gotta love comics, but I don't love them enough to, you know, actually read them. Usually.)

  • jothee sneeze: Poor kid inherited his old man's allergies, huh?

  • blogspot buffy's sex life: I don't think Buffy blogs about her sex life. Unless maybe she does...

  • shirley jackson haunting of hill house strengths weaknesses: You know, it's occurred to me that I made quite an oversight in not giving Hill House at least an "honorable mention" on the "best books I read last year" list. Many strengths, few weaknesses,and some of the most incredibly creepy scenes I've ever read.

  • PORNO PICS OF NAKED MATURE LADIES: Because posing naked for porno is incredibly mature.

  • Darmok connection to conduit metaphor: I don't remember that metaphor. And, y'know, it seems to me it'd be unreasonably hard to say things like "connection to conduit" in that language.

  • futurama set phaser to stun: Hey, Futurama stuns me even without a phaser!

  • "book embosser" +holes: If it's putting holes in your books, you're probably pressing on it way too hard.

  • sexy female pistol shooter: Paging Soolin!

  • Stevie Wonder song i-robot: Are we confusing Stevie Wonder and Alan Parsons?

  • boy cover rush "roll the bones" veldt: Boy bands are playing Rush covers on the veldt now? Huh?

  • the looney toons look gets changed for the 21st century: Yeah, I heard about that. Part of me feels vaguely appalled, but then, I loved the Tiny Toons, so it'd seem a little hypocritical of me to jump on a soapbox and start shouting "sacrilege!"

  • chatbot snape: It insults you and then assigns you Potions homework!

  • "james kirk" spock mp3 mix sex: Kirk probably does have a "sex mix" playlist he uses to seduce the alien chicks, but I don't think Vulcans really need that sort of thing.

  • "amok time" song wav: 'Cause, see, Vulcans have this.

  • two -tablespoons of -chili and a -cup of Vile Terror: Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me!
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