Thursday, March 25, 2004

Yet Another Automotive Update

The car is back! It's all fixed-up and shiny, and smells like paint. Yay! Well, yay, except for the paint smell, which is kind of unpleasant... But the fact that the painting has been done is good.

I did have one bad moment, when I pulled out of the body shop, went to turn onto the street, and discovered my blinker didn't work. I drove it right back, they called somebody out, he checked the fuses and re-seated a couple of connectors, and suddenly everything worked just fine again. I'm trying not to be worried about that.

Anyway, I'm glad to have the ol' Neon back, though after driving a different car all week suddenly nothing feels like it's in quite the right place. I'm also reflecting rather sadly on the fact that, even if the pedal placement made my legs hurt, that Sentra had much more comfortable seats. One day, perhaps, I will find a car that is kind to both my back and my knees.

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