Thursday, March 25, 2004

Search Request Thursday Strikes Again

Behold, the latest batch of interesting search requests that have brought people here, and my lame, geeky commentary thereon:

  • clothes off: Don't care what, don't care who, apparently, as long as there's no clothes involved.

  • a diagram of the Mt. St. Helens eruption: If I were really clever, I'd put some cute little ASCII art in here or something. But I'm not.

  • "my sister's machine" mp3: I assume that must be a song title. Either that, or somebody wants to borrow my sister's mp3 player, but they're going to be disappointed, 'cause she doesn't have one.

  • "1950's homemaker": This child of the 80's suddenly finds herself curious: were they ever anything like June Cleaver?

  • "Madame Bovary" quiz test example: I don't have any, but good luck on the midterm!

  • "harrison schmitt" autograph: Alas, my entry on Jack Schmitt was about how I didn't get his autograph. Oh, yeah, and some stuff he had to say about the moon, too.

  • Blake's elvis shrine: They found it tucked away in an alcove in his Liberator cabin after he left.

  • farscape nude porno: They never showed that episode. Damn censors!

  • how to play the gilligans island theme song on a keyboard: Never mind how. What I want to know is why?

  • to learn the sex by photo and vd: Is VD really going to be a problem for someone who's had to "learn the sex by photo"?

  • undressed women 60 plus: Is that an age or a quantity?

  • critical analysis/ Still Life With Woodpecker: Hmm. I think it needs more quiz results that weren't stolen from here.

  • grayza concentration camp: Are we making the Peacekeeper/Nazi comparison now? 'Cause, you know, it's almost too obvious to bother with.

  • sex granny 70 80 yar: Never mind "Yesterday's Enterprise," this is what she could have looked forward to if she hadn't gotten herself killed: Tasha Yar, Sex Granny!

  • wee free men crossover willow: Hmm. A Buffy/Discworld crossover? You know, that sounds kinda cute.

  • What are the maximum adjectives I need to use to describe someone?: That depends on how interesting they are, I guess.

  • pics of nice moroccan girls: Oh, son! Why can't you find a nice Moroccan girl! Here, I found some pictures for you! She looks nice...

  • matrix quotes "Ever have one of those moments": Is that a Matrix quote? Sounds like a cliche to me, but the two are far from mutually exclusive. And, man, I gotta tell ya, I had a lot of those moments during the third movie...

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