Thursday, March 18, 2004

The Return of the Return of Search Request Thursday

Yeah, I know, I didn't do it last week. Sue me. Here's the current batch:

  • "water in socorro": None at the moment, but, hey, just wait. The whole damned town floods when it rains.

  • jethro tull collectors upside down: I bet all the blood rushes to their head that way...

  • dialog comforting somebody serious illness: Oh, man. People, do not come to my blog for stuff like this. I don't want the responsibility.

  • voyager, twisted scripts: Yeah, some of those Voyager scripts were pretty damned twisted. Oh, wait, they wanted the script to the episode called "Twisted," didn't they. Never mind.

  • daria tickling comic: I bet Daria doesn't find it terribly comic. She seems like the sort of person who'd be really annoyed by tickling.

  • underarm deodorant science project: I'm glad I'm not judging that science fair!

  • grolak: Mmmm... grolak...

  • losing something children's book: What's the title? Did You Look Under the Sofa?

  • visor plotty: Uh... Your guess is as good as mine on this one.

  • considerate, kind, thoughtful, funny, HUGELY intelligent: Now, this person came to the right place! Congratulations! You found me!

  • the TV series 'Simpsons' what kind of representation does it consist of in terms of gender: Hmm, do they mean demographically or thematically, or what? That could potentially be an interesting question, I guess.

  • tinkerbell ass cartoon humor fantasy: Probably not a children's cartoon, I'm guessin'.

  • oscar the grouch birthday invitation template: Aww, man, I want to have an Oscar the Grouch birthday party!

  • Edward Scissorhands psychoanalizing: Well, Edward is clearly the product of a deranged and twisted mind, but of course, that's what we love about Tim Burton.
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