Wednesday, March 10, 2004

The Return of the Monthly Meme

Current clothes: Blue jeans. A red Marvin the Martian t-shirt. (It has "MM" on the front in the style of the Calvin Klein logo, with "MARVIN the MARTIAN" superimposed over it and "MARTIANWEAR" underneath. The back has a picture of Marvin's head, which I gather has a rather disconcerting stare. Somebody once asked me if it helped keep tigers away.) Multi-colored stripey knee socks. White sneakers.

Current mood: Reasonably relaxed.

Current music: Currently in the stereo is Disc II of Queen's Greatest Hits, and, I think, Barenaked Ladies' Disc One.

Current hair: Not yet in need of another cut. Also turning gray far too rapidly for my tastes, I might add.

Current annoyance: Oh, man, I've got a list of those. The aforementioned wonky scroll button on my mouse. A recent and unexpected management shakeup here at work. The fact that I seem to have a very, very tiny headache.

Current thing: Procrastinating shamelessly on all the boring Real Life stuff I really ought to be doing.

Current desktop picture: I'm back to the Farscape wallpapers again. This time it's a nicely arranged set of images of Stark, mostly looking all tortured and tragic. I'd link to it, but the page I got it from seems to have disappeared.

Current song in head: "Clocks" by Coldplay, which was playing on the radio on my way into work.

Current book: John Brunner's The Shockwave Rider. It's a science fiction novel about "future shock" published in 1975, which makes it really odd to read.

Current video in player: Most recently, the Doctor Who episode "Arc of Infinity." Currently in the DVD player is the first disc of season 2 of Babylon 5.

Current refreshment: Moroccan Mint tea from Stash.

Current worry: I dunno. Making time to get my car in to get the stupid body work done that should have been done weeks ago, I guess.

Current thought: "Clocks" is a good song.

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