Monday, March 22, 2004

Automotive Update

Well, I finally got the car in for the body work that should have been done on it three weeks ago. The good news is that the work that isn't covered by my insurance turned out to be rather less expensive than I was fearing, and they even cut me a break on the price for materials and stuff, since they were already doing the insured work on the bumper, anyway.

So, my sweet li'l Neon is currently in Los Lunas, and I'm driving around in a rented Nissan Sentra, which I like quite a bit better than the Geo Metro they gave me last time. (Even if, as with so many other cars, there's something about the way the pedals are positioned that makes my legs uncomfortable no matter how I adjust the seat.)

The Neon should be back Wednesday or Thursday. Yay!

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