Thursday, March 04, 2004

The Triumphant Return of Search Request Thursday.

Yes, it's back by popular demand! Well, OK, it's back because two or three people told me they missed it, and I'm a complete sucker for flattery. Anyway, it's back, it's here, it's a list of the wackier search requests that have brought people to this blog of late, along with my own smart-assed commentary. Enjoy. Or don't. Whatever.

  • poem radio operators "there is something about them": "Oh, radio operators/There is something about them/The amateur one/ They call him a ham..." Hmm, no, maybe not.

  • "I, Robot" "visited" "set" "Vancouver": I have not visited the set of I, Robot in Vancouver. In fact, I'm still in denial about the existence of the movie at all.

  • land cater nude: I can't help but wonder if maybe they wanted "Linda Carter." If so, I think that may be a candidate for the Interesting Misspelling of the Century award.

  • snape sneezing fit: Yeah, I imagine some of those potion fumes can really do a number on your respiratory system.

  • Julius Ceasar - In which Act and Scene is Ceasar Killed: I don't know, exactly, but I'm pretty sure it's somewhere near the end.

  • Extended Edition Billy Boyd and the Duct Tape: Yes, I know I'm going out and buying a copy of the extended edition of Billy Boyd and the Duct Tape as soon as it's out on DVD!

  • illness contellation model: Ah, this illness would seem to be a variant of the Misspelling Flu. Not that I haven't been a victim of that, myself. Obviously.

  • gigi edgely scan: Scanning... Scanning... Captain, this life form is reading as a Gigi Edgely!

  • archer janeway relationshippers: Because, on Star Trek, living centuries apart is no impediment to having a relationship.

  • rude futurama pics: Ah, so those would be pictures of Bender, then?

  • faramir and boromir slash pics: Because the family that... No, never mind.

  • "karen shaw" fetish: That seems like an awfully specific fetish.

  • gorilla teach talk Crichton: I'm sure this is a reference to Michael Crichton's Congo, but my brain wants to interpret it as a Farscape reference, and I'm getting some rather giggle-worthy images.

  • spoilers addicted t'pol: Yes, it is a little-known fact about T'Pol that she is addicted to spoilers for the Vulcan soaps.

  • "fun fun fun in the sun sun sun" storytelling: Once upon a time, there was a mining ship called the Red Dwarf... (But, hmm, Dave Lister ain't exactly Sleeping Beauty, is he?)

  • gorilla funnies buzzy jokes: I don't get it.

  • JIMMY BUFFET VANITY PLATE SUGGESTIONS: Hmm... I dunno. PARROTHEAD is way too many letters...

  • buffy and angels transcript when they are together: So, what, you want a transcript of the first two seasons?

  • neil gaiman's sandman cast johnny depp: Well, he can't possibly be worse than Keanu Reeves as John Constantine. *shudder*
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