Friday, August 23, 2002

My Leak Is Fixed, and My Faith in Humanity Has Been Restored. It's Not Even 9:00, and It's Already Been a Good Day.

Well, the leak that's been feeding the lake in my front yard turned out to be absurdly simple to fix. Turns out the problem was with the line to the swamp cooler where it hooks into the water supply, and all they had to do was replace the little connector thingy on the end of the hose. I still feel like an idiot for not realizing what the problem was sooner, but at least now I'm an idiot with a trailer that doesn't leak (well, at least not from that end).

And I have so found myself a new plumber. First off, these guys actually answer their phone (unlike the other guys, who never even called me back in response to the message I left on their machine), which is point one in their favor. Point two is that they had a big, all-day job scheduled for today, but came out here at 7:30 AM so they could take care of my problem first. Point three -- and this is the one that really staggers me -- is that they didn't even charge me! "Aw, heck," the guy said, "it only took us five minutes. If we charged you, we'd have to charge for for a minimum of half an hour, and it'd cost you like thirty bucks. We're not gonna do that." I'm telling ya, these guys have made a customer for life. If you're ever in Socorro, New Mexcio and in need of a plumber, you wanna go with Bar J. Trust me.

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