Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Still Trying To Watch House...

Note to self: never, ever try to legally download a video again. I don't mind paying money -- well, OK, maybe I mind a little, when it's the cable company's fault in the first place -- but the effort it takes just to watch the damned thing when and where you want to watch it is way, way, way more trouble than it's worth.

Nice job shooting yourself in the foot, Hollywood and/or iTunes. Nice job.

[ETA: Well, at least after all that crap it turned out to be a pretty good episode.]


  1. Why download legally when you can download illegally? That's what i've always said...

    I'm new to blogger and i'm basically just wondering about looking for interesting blogs to follow. I happened to stumble across yours, aren't you a lucky one? Anyways, i hope you don't mind me following your blog and leaving random comments from time to time.

  2. Hey, follow away. I don't mind. I definitely don't promise to be interesting, though. :)

    And I would be totally willing, actually, to pay on a per-episode basis for TV shows I really like, but when you're actually punished for doing things legally, there ain't exactly much incentive there.

  3. House isn't still on Hulu? Or is it just not this week's episode?

  4. I don't think it is, but I didn't actually check. Because my internet connection is a little glitchy, enough to make streaming video annoying. And because I didn't want to watch the damned thing on my computer. Which I ended up having to do, anyway, and paying for the privilege. Grrrr.