Monday, March 14, 2011

Bon Voyage, Kitten-Cat.

So, Mickey is now on his way to California with my mother. I have to admit, it's hard to let him go. He's such a sweetie, and he'd just gotten to the point where he would respond to his name, and sit and let me pet him more often and everything. I already miss him terribly.

I also feel bad, because he and Mom didn't exactly bond while she was here. He's not used to strangers in my house, and never seemed quite sure what to make of her. He's not greatly afraid of her or anything, but he is a little wary around her. He tends to run off when she approaches him, and didn't let her touch him very much. Which isn't necessarily as bad a sign as it sounds like; he often does something similar with me when he's not in a mood to be petted, which a lot of the time he isn't. I'm pretty sure that, given time to adjust, they'll get along fine. Still, I can't help feeling like I'm betraying the poor little thing, sending him to live somewhere strange with someone he doesn't completely trust. Even if I'm sure it will be for the best in the long run.



  1. Aww, thanks.

    Mom just called from the road a little while ago and says he's doing fine. He hasn't cried or carried on at all, so the keep-him-calm drugs seem to be working well. (He even got into the carrier all by himself this morning!)

  2. Sorry you had to let him go, but glad he's going to a good home. :)

  3. Yeah. She'll take good care of him. :)

  4. I'm sorry he's gone. I can very much understand your feeling of betrayal: we make these decisions about their lives, and we have no way of knowing what they might feel about it. But we make them, as far as we can, for their long-term good, and that's the important thing: it really does seem like this will be a good thing for him, even if it takes him a little time at first to settle.

    I hope the journey to his new home goes well. And, if you can, let us know how he gets on!

  5. Aww, thanks. Yeah, as hard as the transition might be for him, I do think it's the right thing to do.

    I just heard from Mom again, currently somewhere in Arizona, and he's still doing very, very well in the carrier. Which is a relief, at least.

    And I intend to demand regular reports from her! I will pass them along when I get them. :)

  6. Good luck getting photos though!

  7. I can be very persistent. :)