Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mickey Update #4

OK, last one, just for the people who have asked about the little guy, and then I'll get back to talking about something that doesn't involve cats, I promise. But Mom called again, saying that this was the last update she was going to give me because, and I quote, "He's settled in fantastic." She says he hardly ever runs from her any more, and almost never runs to hide under the bed. Although when he does, she says, he just sticks his head under the bed and leaves his butt sticking out, apparently in the belief that if he can't see her, she can't see him. (Which, I believe, makes my mother the Bugblatter Beast of Traal.) But mostly he lets her pet him lots, purrs loudly and frequently, and seems to prefer being in the same room as she is.

She also says that he's been "into everything," meaning that he's having a grand time exploring the house, and that "he thinks he's the king of the castle," which seems to mean that he's staked out the most comfortable chair in the house as his.

Mom has complained a little about his kitten energy and semi-nocturnal habits, but only good-naturedly. He seems to amuse her, especially with his tail-chasing antics. Also, she swears that he likes to watch TV with her, particularly auto racing, which I guess does have lots of noise and movement to attract a kitten. She says once when she turned the TV off, he went over, put his paws up on it, and meowed until she turned it back on and let him watch it for another minute or two! Which seems to have tickled her immensely. She's also being quite indulgent of him... She mentioned that last night he jumped up on the bed to play with the dangling chain again while she was trying to go to sleep, but when I suggested that she shorten it, her reply was, "But he likes playing with it!" She then added that he didn't do it for very long and that he does leave it alone when shooed, but still. I do believe he has worked his charms on her.

And I think I did the right thing. Aww.


  1. Which, I believe, makes my mother the Bugblatter Beast of Traal.
    You know, I thought that was the reason you had us cover our heads when she took us bowling after Prom. :)