Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Comcast: "WTF?!"

So, I called Comcast. They don't seem to have any clue what the hell is going on, either. They swear they didn't change anything. They kept trying to blame the TiVo. Guys, it's not the TiVo. I checked. It does exactly the same thing when the cable is plugged directly into the TV.

Anyway, they insist they need to send a service person out. What they heck they're going to do, I don't know. I get the impression that their sole job will be to go, "Yep, it's not the TiVo!" And, of course, they're not going to be here until next Wednesday. (Well, it could have been Friday. But I have to work Friday. Also Monday and Tuesday.) I still think there's something screwy with my local provider. With any luck, maybe they'll figure it out before Wednesday. Otherwise, they're gonna owe me two episodes of House.

Well, at least I got them to promise not to bill me for the service call if it turns out to be their fault. They also offered to call me if they do find out what's going on, which, frankly, is better customer service than I expected. I guess we'll see...

[ETA at about noon: Fox seems to be back. The CW station is still missing, as is the one that originally got switched with Fox, although I don't care so much about those. I think I'm gonna wait to see what happens before I call and cancel the service request, though.]


  1. The CW was out earlier today for me too but came back in the early evening. But then I noticed that on ABC I was getting the audio from NBC playing over ABC's video!

    It's possible that Comcast is right and it's not their fault, at least not the Socorro office. It could be the feeds coming to them from Albuquerque that are messed up.

  2. Yeah, CW eventually came back for me, too. And channel 21 is now back where it belongs, as well. I didn't notice the thing with the mismatched audio and video, though. That just makes it even more bizarre.

    You might well be right, though. Those three stations are all related, I think...