Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mickey Update

I just talked to Mom again a little while ago. She says Mickey was really good in the car the entire way to her house. Apparently the pill the vet gave him worked beautifully and kept him nice and calm and quiet, exactly as advertised. Much better than I'd expected, to be honest.

Right now, she's keeping him confined to the bedroom and its attached bathroom. Which is a good idea not just because it means she knows where he is (which I think is her main reason), but also because cats generally feel more secure with a smaller area when they're first moved somewhere new. She says he's hiding under the bed most of the time, especially when she's in the room and moving around. She was getting worried because he hadn't really eaten anything, but says she did hear him come out and munch on some food during the night. (I told her not to worry. It's normal for a cat not to eat much in a situation like that, and he's not going to let himself starve to death.)

She also went in and lay quietly on the bed for a while to see if he'd come out if she wasn't moving around, and he did. So she dangled a toy over the edge of the bed and he actually played with it for a while before ducking under the bed again when she got up. Which seems like real progress to me! I'm sure that eventually they'll be just fine.


  1. It's a lot of change in a short span of time for one small cat. I'm sure he'll adjust and do great!

  2. Thanks! I'm sure he will.

    And she called back a while later and said she'd gotten him to eat more. :)

  3. That really does sound like progress, I'm glad. And I hope that things will just return to normal with your cats, now that he's gone.

  4. They already seem calmer. :)