Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who's A Good Dog, Then?

Hey, it's been ages since I've done a "Which Doctor Who character are you?" quiz! So:

You are K9
You are K9
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You are an absolute know it all. You take everything too literally. You are great with technology and a master at chess. You are extremely loyal and would sacrifice yourself to save your friends. You are the go-to person in every situation. You have a tough time negociating terrain and are always the loudest one in the room, even when you are not talking. And you have a laser blaster in you nose. You will end up being outdated and thrown in the trunk of a car until you are completely rusted.

Except, really, I suck at chess.


  1. 1) You have a laser blaster in your nose? I never knew that!

    2) It's the "and horoscope" part, obviously, that makes this quiz highly scientific and reliable. ;)

    3) Appropriately enough, it claims I would be an ideal companion for you: the fourth Doctor. You are eccentric, and slightly deranged. You enjoy overdramatizing everything you say and being the constant center of attention. Friends are just people you end up having to rescue. If anybody gets too close to you emotionally, you just dump them off in some random village to fend for themselves. You are the smartest person you know, and ever will. You have no patience for stupidity or ignorance. You will marry a travel companion who will resent you, do occasional voice over work and cameos, but always be fondly remembered as being, "The Best." Except I hate being the constant center of attention.

  2. 1) During allergy season, it often feels that way.

    2) Obviously. :)

    3) I can't really see you wearing the scarf!

  3. I cant be Rose! My hair, what there is of it, isnt blonde!

  4. Ha! That's kind of hilarious. :)