Monday, February 21, 2011

My Name Is Betty, And I Am A Biblioholic.

Thanks to the latest round of bookcase purchasing and assembly, there are now empty bookshelves in my dining room. Almost eight of them. Which looks weird. Weird, and kind of wrong. And while part of my brain is contemplating them in quiet satisfaction, thinking, "There, that should do me for the next few years, at least as far as the fiction goes!", some other, more primal part keeps shouting, "OMG, empty shelves! Must fill them up! Must read faster!"

Well. At least it's not the worst possible obsession to have. Right?


  1. Heh. I have a memory of you being pleased to have empty space once before, too... :-)

    Still, empty shelves are very nice to have, while they last, especially if it means you can use the space to give you flexibility to shelve things exactly as you'd like, rather than having to squeeze them into whatever space is available.

  2. (cheerily) "Hi, Betty!"

    You're doing a good thing, seeking help, but this crowd might not be the best to encourage you. At least, we might encourage you the wrong way. For example, I think your new shelves are a good thing. That way, you won't have books stacked on the floor, for Mick to knock down while he's terrorizing the household. :)

  3. Paul: Heh. Well, there's more empty space this time, so hopefully it will last longer!

    And, yeah, I do like to keep my books organized and shelved properly. I know people who pile them up two-deep on the shelves, and that would drive me crazy. So, more bookcases it is!

    Captain C: I seem to remember you coming to my house once and saying, "I'm disappointed to see empty shelves" and me having to point out that I have to build in room for expansion like that. :)

    And in my experience, cats are perfectly capable of knocking down books even when they are perfectly shelved in bookcases. Cats are disturbingly creative that way.

  4. Shall we start a pool on how long those 8 shelves will stay empty? My money's on three, four weeks tops. :)

  5. Nah, it'll be longer than that. I figure it this way: Each shelf holds approximately 30 books. I might read 12 books or so in a month, maybe half of which are hardback/large format paperback fiction books, that being the section those particular shelves are in. That means one shelf will take roughly five months to fill, and eight shelves will take about forty months. That might be a slight overestimate, but I think I'm fairly safe saying "at least three years."

    Yeah. Don't think I don't think these things through. :)