Monday, February 07, 2011

Currently, I Am Still Bitching About My Cats.

Current clothes: Black jeans. Black and red sweater. White socks.

Current mood: A little bit stressy.

Current music: Nothing much. Well, I've been listening to Pandora on my phone occasionally. It's been kind of heavy on the Pink Floyd.

Current annoyance: Cats! Aaargh! Mickey's still spending more time shut up in his room than he is out of it, which I feel kind of terrible about, but I can not leave him alone with Happiness. This morning, I let him out for half an hour, keeping a close eye on him the whole time, then left him alone for a minute and a half while I went to take a dump, and when I came out, he and Happiness were being all confrontational, and before I could grab the squirt bottle, he started chasing her and got her cornered under the utility sink. This sort of thing just keeps happening. I'm really, really hoping things get better now that he's neutered, and I know that it might take a while, but my optimism levels keep fluctuating. He might very well end up having to go live with my mother. And in the meantime, it's difficult to get anything done, with having to watch him all the time. It's like having a goddamned toddler. Fortunately, as with toddlers, he's just too cute and lovable to kill.

Current thing: Trying to keep warm and sane and to prevent the cats from killing each other. Or from killing them myself.

Current desktop picture: This image of my new current favorite character, thanks to last month's Supernatural marathon. Although the full size version apparently no longer exists.

Current book: Just finished Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. Next up is The Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking.

Current song in head: "Skullcrusher Mountain" by Jonathan Coulton. I'm trying not to read anything into that.

Current DVD in player: The last disc of Deep Space 9 season 3.

Current refreshment: Nothing. But I may need more tea. Tea is good for stress, and will help keep me sane.

Current worry: That I will have to face the fact that four cats is too damned many cats.

Current thought: Hmm. The kitten is being very quiet. I should check on him. Again.


  1. "It's like having a goddamned toddler. Fortunately, as with toddlers, he's just too cute and lovable to kill."

    Like you always say if they were bugs we would squash them.