Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Dialing Down The Testosterone

All right, so, I've made Mickey an appointment for his little snip-snip operation on Thursday. Here's hoping this provides the attitude adjustment he needs, because he's still picking fights with Happiness, and even his play-fighting with Nova has started getting a little aggressive for comfort. Hell, he occasionally looks like he's covertly plotting Vir's overthrow as King Cat. If ever there was a case of having too much balls for your own good...


  1. Fingers crossed. I imagine that it will take a little while for the testosterone to work its way out of his system.

  2. I looked up a study online, and it said that 53% do significantly less fighting within three weeks or less, and 88% within four months. I really hope it does not take four months, but those are reasonably reassuring numbers.

  3. Well done: this seems like the best hope of improvement. I hope it works...