Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ragan's Home For Wayward Felines

So, um, yes, there is now a kitten living in my bathroom. Again.

The little stray guy that's been coming around has just gotten far too friendly and far too pitiful. Once he (or possibly she; I'm still not sure) got to the point where he'd let me pet him, I realized I could feel all the poor little thing's ribs, and its not like he's going to start eating any better out in the wild, with winter coming on. And if he's going to get used to being around humans, he's at an age where it really needs to happen now. So... in he came.

And then there was purring. There was so much purring. There was so much incredibly loud purring. I think he was even happier with the cuddling than the food, to be honest. I don't think there are going to be any socialization problems here at all.

Other kinds of problems, though... Um. I really do mean it. Anybody want a kitten? Anybody know anybody who wants a kitten? Anybody willing to take in a kitten for a week over Thanksgiving while I'm on vacation, even? I really don't want to take the poor little thing to a shelter, but, man, he's got rotten timing.

The vet's got good timing at least, though. They were able to fit me in tomorrow morning, when hopefully I will find out for sure the sex of this animal, how old he is, and whether he has any horrible diseases. Aside from being too skinny and having eyes that are running a little -- which is probably nothing but could always be something -- he looks to be in decent shape. And he's a sweetie.


  1. Awwww we could swap Pixel for the kitten?

  2. Um, okay, I'll go ahead and ask it since no one else has yet. Ahem.

    Does this mean you live in a cathouse?