Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh, Yeah, This.

It's a bit later in the month than I usually do this, but I've been distracted.

Current clothes: T-shirt from a Rush concert (the 2008 Snakes & Arrows tour, to be precise). Black sweatpants. White socks. Black sneakers.

Current mood: I've been incredibly stressed lately, with the whole "OMG, what do I do with this kitten?!" thing, but my mood has been much, much calmer and better since I took him to the vet, even though the news was not necessarily all good. It's uncertainty I don't deal well with. Insufficient information, too many variables, too many possibilities, too many potential plans that are all too fuzzy -- these things send my stress levels through the roof. But now, OK, I know what to do for the next week, and then I take him back to the vet, and at that point there are really only two major possibilities, and in either case I know what to do to meet my moral responsibilities, so that's OK.

Current music: Nothing at the moment. I'm working on getting caught up on a big backlog of podcasts again.

Current annoyance: There are now Christmas items and Christmas music in the stores. Two weeks before Thanksgiving. I know it's cliche to complain about this, but, honestly, it's just gotten to the point where it makes me feel sad. Any sense of Christmas as a special time of year is pretty much gone for me.

Current thing: Kitten! He's in isolation in the bathroom, still, but I make a point of going in there and cuddling with him often. He seems to be doing pretty well, really. He's a bit friskier than he was when I first brought him in, and the constipation did, indeed, clear up. Also, he is a total, cuddly sweetheart.

Current desktop picture: This image of a meteor and a thunderstorm.

Current book: 59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot by Richard Wiseman. Which is sort of a self-help book written for people who think self-help books are B.S., featuring lots of quirky little psychology experiments.

Current song in head: Not much of anything at the moment.

Current DVD in player: I don't think there is one in the main DVD player. I need to get back to American Gothic. The one in front of the treadmill has disc 1 of season 4 of The Venture Bros. I am still so not tired of that show.

Current refreshment: Ooh! I put the kettle on a few minutes ago, and now I can make tea!

Current worry: Well, of course I'm still worried about the kitten. I would much, much prefer it if it turns out he's going to live.

Current thought: I like cats. In many ways, they're so much easier to deal with than people. Cats make more sense to me, because their needs and desires and social interactions are so much simpler, and it's much clearer what my obligations towards them are.

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