Friday, November 12, 2010

The Internet Is Made Of Cats. And I Must Do My Share To Contribute.

Because I believe it is required in these circumstances, here is a picture of the kitten:

And, for good measure, a list of various cute things the kitten does:

1) Starts purring as soon as I come into the room and sets world kitten records for the Longest Continuous Purr, as he usually doesn't stop as long as I'm there.

2) Growls at the Evil Mirror Universe Kitten in the bathroom mirror.

3) Runs up when he sees the syringe of antibiotic liquid and puts his mouth right on it, like he thinks it's a yummy treat and he can't wait for me to squirt it into his mouth. I have never, ever seen a cat do that. Usually giving them medicine involves first winning a wrestling match.


  1. And you're trying to give him away instead of one of your other, somewhat difficult or very large cats?

  2. Hey, they may be large and/or difficult, but they're family. Besides, who would take them? :)

  3. Oh, he's *cute*!! I'm very impressed by his wisdom about the antibiotics - that really is special.

  4. Of course, after I wrote that, the next time I tried to give the drugs to him, he acted like he didn't want any, just to make a liar out of me. :)

    And he is adorable, isn't he? He's getting more so every day, I think, as he looks healthier and happier.