Sunday, November 07, 2010

Early Morning Random Linkage

Should I Have a Cookie?: This is why I never lose any weight.

Rover Under Construction!: Watch a live video feed of engineers and technicians building the new Mars rover!

Organ Trail: Zombie apocalypse version of the old Oregon Trail game. You do not want to know how much time I wasted playing this the other day. Why does no one want to trade me any fuel? Why?!

Into Space: Fly a rocket. Upgrade it. Fly it again. I spent way too much time on this one, too. But I made it to the moon!

Unreleased Doctor Who scenes, from "The Eleventh Hour"/"The Beast Below" and "Flesh and Stone"/"Vampires of Venice": Featuring a bit of Doctor Who continuity, a fan debate recapitulated in canon, and the Doctor and Amy being utterly adorable.


  1. For those of us who have not yet met the 11th Doctor and Amy (whimper), is it safe to watch these links, or do they contain spoilers?

    I just had a "cookies and cream" protein bar for breakfast. Is that allowed?

  2. Hmm. They're not hugely spoilery, except maybe for one (reasonably significant) character bit, but I think I'd recommend waiting to watch them until you've actually met the Eleventh Doctor and Amy.

    And that is allowed, I think, but does not count as a cookie. :)