Friday, November 05, 2010

I Need To Put A Sign On My House That Says, "Dear Cats: No Vacancy."

So, um, just hypothetically... Is there anybody out there, within reasonable driving distance of me, who might want a kitten? Or knows someone who might want a kitten?


  1. Picture please? { I will ask but my allergies to cats probably makes it a no. }

  2. Your wish is my command!


    More kitten!

    Not great pictures, I'm afraid, thanks to funky shadows and the fact that his(?) eyes are half-closed in the second one. But, as you see, it is a pretty kitten.

    He -- to pick an arbitrary pronoun, since I don't know for sure -- has been hanging out in my backyard with his momma, and I've been feeding him off and on. But he's awfully skinny, and could clearly use a nice warm home and three squares a day. He's just now gotten to the point where he'll let me pet him, so I'm thinking before too long I might be able to get him reasonably tame, bring him in, and get him to a vet for a checkup. (I kind of hate the idea of taking him from mommy, but she's clearly not comfortable enough with humans to come with him, and I'm sure they'd both be better off.) The question is, what to do with him then? I've already got too damned many cats. I just cannot take in another one.

  3. He's cute. I wish I were, you know, slightly closer: I would be volunteering like a shot.

    Good luck with getting him a checkup - definitely worthwhile.

  4. Yeah, you're definitely a little far. :)

    And he really should have a visit to the vet, it's just that once I round him up for that, I can't imagine just chucking him back out again.

  5. All right! Another Grandcat