Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Truly, They Would Rule The World If Only They Had Opposable Thumbs.

The intelligence level of my cats is really starting to worry me. Twice now -- twice -- Vir has expressed with meows and the placement of paws on my legs that he wishes me to pay attention to him instead of to The Sims 2[*], and, when this wish failed to be fulfilled, he's gone over and stepped on the off button on my UPS, thus instantly shutting down the computer[**][***]. And, yes, OK, once could easily be coincidence, and even twice could be attributable to the fact that, well, he's flailing around at my feet and could possibly hit it by accident. But I can't deny a strong suspicion that he actually knows perfectly damned well what he's doing. Gaaah! Cats!

[*] Sadly, I have fallen off the Sims 2 wagon. I was doing so well with going cold turkey for many months, but, well, there was this one week where I really needed to try to keep myself awake late in order to switch onto the night shift, and it's so useful for that...

[**] And, of course, he had to do it when things were going well. No, we can't lose an unsaved game when somebody's just set their kitchen on fire. It has to be right after they've unexpectedly won $7,000 or successfully potty-trained their toddler or something. (For I am a benevolent god this go-round, and am striving for happiness and fulfillment for my simulated playthings. Mostly.)

[***] And my router, which then got confused and started handing out duplicate IP addresses, thus denying my PC access to the internet when I turned it back on. Fortunately, rebooting the TiVo took care of that problem. Go, me, fixing minor computer issues!


  1. Methinks you should change the title of this post before the Daleks get any ideas.

  2. Daleks don't need opposable thumbs. :)

  3. Three times will definitely be enemy action.

    I don't think Muffin has done anything quite like that, but he does do escalating demands, becoming less and less ignorable as time goes on. But they usually end with him just planting himself in the way of whatever it is, rather than actually switching it off. That's a smart cat you have there. :-)

  4. He sometimes jumps up and sort of blocks the keyboard, but he's too fat to manage it easily. I guess he found a much easier way. :)