Monday, December 28, 2009

A Little End-Of-The-Year Whining

I need a vacation. I didn't really get one over Christmas; I got the equivalent of a weekend in a week where I ordinarily wouldn't have had one without shuffling my hours around or taking vacation time.

I want to lie on a beach somewhere sipping piƱa coladas, or go for long walks in the woods, or something. Why is this not on my itinerary?

Sigh. Back to work I go. Again.


  1. But, don't you mainly read or web surf at work? ;)

  2. The problem with work is that either nothing's happening and it's incredibly tedious or all kinds of crap is raining down at once. Both things can get kind of old, especially when you've been dealing with it in 12-hour shifts.

  3. That really isn't much of a break, I'm sorry. :-(

    Do you have any plans for a break soon? I hope that there's something you can look forward to.

  4. Eh, I'll live. It could be worse, really, but sometimes, you just have to whine. :)

    I'm not getting any extra time off over New Year's, either, alas... The time when we're shut down for that is my regular day off, anyway.

    I am taking a long weekend in February to go to a Doctor Who convention, but other than that, I got nothing on the table. Certainly no sipping drinks on beaches. Sigh.