Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Happy!

Hi, everybody! Season's Greetings and all that jazz!

I had a very pleasant Christmas Eve, eating fruitcake and watching DVDs and chatting on the internet and stuff. I was up rather later than I intended to be, though... and then I woke up way too early this morning, for some unfathomable reason. Doggone it, I distinctly remember not having kids so that I could sleep in on Christmas.

But never mind! Presents have been opened -- well, OK, I confess to doing that last night, too. But never mind when they were opened, they are open now, and they are all much appreciated! (The cats appreciated the wrapping paper, too.)

And sometime today, I will call all my relatives... and cook myself a nice holiday meal... and watch Doctor Who... and maybe hang out with friends. And then I'll get some goddamned sleep. Yeah. That sounds like a plan.

Anyway, hope everyone out there is having a wonderful holiday, or has had a wonderful holiday, depending on what you celebrate when. Whether you've gotten enough sleep or not.


  1. *groans*

    This blog is full of bad puns.

    I know you called before we opened your gifts, but we love them! Thanks!

  2. Aren't you the one who started the puns in the first place?

    And I'm glad you liked the prezzies! Have a good Christmas!

  3. Aw, you know you love us in spite of our whorrible puns.

  4. Or possibly because of them. :)