Monday, December 21, 2009

Gimme Cookie!

And there are cookies! Man, that really is a nice, easy recipe. Thank you, grandmom! They came out a bit different this time than the last few times I made them, I think, a bit thinner and crispier around the edges. This is not a bad thing, though. In fact, I think they're about the tastiest I've ever gotten them. Mmm. I've eaten a few too many of them already, but they're best fresh out of the oven! Plus, y'know, some of them fell apart, and you have to have quality control.

Also, for future reference, I must keep in mind that while cranking up the wacky Christmas music is a truly essential part of holiday baking, and while generally the most efficient means of timing things in the oven is to use the countdown timer on my wristwatch, these two things do not necessarily work perfectly well together. At least, not if one is wearing headphones and singing along with said music at a significantly high volume. Fortunately, I managed not to burn anything.

Yay for accomplishment! I think I deserve cookies.


  1. The original "Cookie Monster"

  2. I hear Cookie Monster sold out and is encouraging the eating of vegetables now. I cannot help but wonder what this world is coming to.

  3. Chocolate drop cookies!!!

    # of years since I've been an adult out on my own that I did the Christmas cookie thing like when we were kids:1 :) But I did make those before I love them. They were good but not quite like Mom's and Grandmom's. I seriously need to have those cookies next year.

  4. Captain C: Come out and get some! :) (Actually, I think I'm going to take them in to work.)

    Kathy: It's very rare that I make cookies, but once in a great while I do get around to it. And the chocolate drop are a lot easier to make than chocolate chip. I think mine come out a bit different because I'm at high altitude, but it's not a bad difference.

    If I'd gotten them done much sooner, I'd have sent you some. But I'm just impressed that I managed them at all.

  5. I don't suppose your coworkers will leave any until I visit in January. :(

    I haven't baked any cookies since I moved, but I ought to, if just to see how my recipes turn out at a lower elevation.

  6. That's undoubtedly a "no," but, hey, if you ask nicely, maybe I could make some more. :)

  7. I'm making eggnog cookies tomorrow.


  8. Ooh, that sounds interesting.