Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm Totally Doing A Little Touchdown Dance Of Baking Right Now.

Behold! Fruitcake!

If I do say so, that came out surprisingly awesome.  And decidedly non-evil.  Although next year -- and, oh, yes, there will be a next year -- I think I will leave out the papaya in favor of more apricots.  The tropical note is very slightly discordant.

Still!  Non-evil fruitcake!  And they called me mad!


  1. A fruitcake that is good?
    I don't quite believe you!

    Merry Christmas :)

  2. I left out those evil mutated cherry things. I think that helped. :)

  3. Yeah no cherries.. the thought just makes me ill.

    And you were only called mad at the institute.. as we all were

    BWAAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA and a good night.

  4. I used dried cherries, actually, which were a much better idea.

    All part of my evil -- uh, non-evil plan!

  5. I think the next step is that you are supposed to soak it in alcohol for a day or two so that its able to last for several years in storage. I think its rum or whiskey but you would need to experiment.

  6. Even without the alcohol, the recipe claims that it'll last for six months if properly stored. I'm not sure I'm going to test that, though.

  7. The real question in why? What prompted you to try making such a maligned thing as fruitcake anyway?

    I'm glad it turned out good however.

  8. Ha! It's a long, silly, dorky story. Seriously, even for me, it's a dorky story. :)