Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pet Peeve #6,057

Pet Peeve #6,057: Charity-solicitation junk mail that comes with a coin in the envelope. Ostensibly, this is some kind of promotional gimmick, but I think the real intent is to punish anybody who tries to feed the envelope through a shredder without opening it. Thank you so fucking much, unnamed charity I was never going to donate to anyway because you're partly about promoting a religion I don't believe in.


  1. Gah. I really dislike the ones who do that, anyway. (I automatically refuse any appeal with a coin or the various other tricks that people use, like stamps, pens, and raffle tickets.)

    But the shredder thing hadn't even occurred to me. I hope there's no permanent damage.

  2. You never know. That penny might just come in handy when you're digging through your pocket for exact change at the grocery store.

    My word verification is "smunkn". Now I'm in the mood for donuts, darn it!

  3. Paul: I used to occasionally let myself be guilted into donating by means of free address labels. But I've long since gotten over that. My own automatic-rejection criteria are anything religious in nature, and anybody that cold-calls me at home. But I am now totally adding anybody who sends coins.

    The shredder looked for a little while like it might have sustained permanent damage, but it eventually started working properly again. Which is good, because it was practically a new shredder, damn it.

    Captain C:

    It was way too mangled to spend after that.

    And pick me up some doughnuts, too, will ya? :)

  4. I know of employees of the Post Office that stole those coins and sometimes $1 bills from those advertisements. Of course they got caught and fired over pocket change. I guess it still goes on today, sadly. By the way, for those of you that dont know I retired from the Post Office in 2005.

  5. While the idea of even petty theft from the mails is disturbing, I personally would consider them to be doing the world a favor, in this particular instance. :)