Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sooner Or Later

Time is such an odd, odd thing. Right now, I'm simultaneously thinking "How the hell is it the end of September already?!" and "How the hell is it only 9:30?!"


  1. Heh. I have to admit that I spend more time with the former feeling - especially 'How the heck is it 1.00am already?' - but I do know what you mean.

    Now, if only we could make it work in the *right* direction...

  2. I get that a lot when I'm lazing around at home. It's when I'm at work that I get the "How is it still only 9:30?!" thing. Of course, as with today, often fate listens when I complain and sends me annoying problems with which to distract me and speed my working hours along. Thanks, fate!