Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Cat House

OK, you guys have to see the new thing I got for my cats:

That's way bigger and more elaborate than the one I had before, and, surprisingly, it was also less expensive.

So, the cats will love me forever now and stop throwing up in the wrong places and stuff, right? Right?

Yeah, maybe not. Especially as, after I moved the thing into place but before I'd finished tweaking it, Happiness came up, looked it over... then went to the old one that I'd moved aside to dismantle, climbed up onto it, started purring like crazy, and made a point of swiping at me with her claws whenever I walked past.

Sigh. Cats.


  1. That's quite a cat house! Mine never had anything quite that elaborate: I only ever gave them one with a couple of platforms and a tunnel. They never showed much interest, and it now serves mainly as a place for me to pile the ironing.

    I hope that yours get used to the new one soon...

  2. The one I had before just had a couple of platforms and not even a tunnel. But they did really enjoy that one, I found this one for less than the old one had cost me, so I figured, what the heck. :)

    Happiness was checking it out with considerable interest earlier today, so I do think they'll take to it.