Friday, September 11, 2009

Performance Review

Mr. Coffee, while quiet and polite, is very slow about his business.


  1. In times like these, there are an extraordinary number of workers who can replace Mr. Coffee.

    I like Ms Press. She is a bit noisy with the scream of a kettle, and she does not make as much as Mr Coffee... but she is quite strong.

    In the end, I go for Mr Perk. He is old fashioned and very slow... but he sings gaily and it just makes me feel like a little kid at my grandparents when he is doing his job.

  2. i've been off and on following your blog for quite a while now.

    for some reason it was this entry that made me comment, as unmeaty as my comment might be.

  3. Smooge: Old Mr. Black and Decker got the job done quickly. It's a pity he turned out to be such a liability in other respects.

    Ardentmoth: Hello! :)

  4. Howdy. :)

    Yeah, I tend to use some off-brand espresso machine since i mostly drink Americanos these days. Gets the job done, anyway.

  5. A late post to the blog.. but last night I met the best coffee maker ever. Yes it was a bit more expensive than I am used to.. but it had so many wonderful advantages..
    1) Easy to clean
    2) That cup of coffee was mine and no one elses.
    3) Fast and simple.

    Its horrible.. I feel like I cheated on my other brewer..

    Ms Coffee Maker.. What should I do?

  6. "Single cup?" This concept does not compute.

  7. I met the best coffee maker ever. (snip) What should I do?

    Marry her quickly, before someone else does!