Friday, September 04, 2009

Well, At Least They Keep Life Interesting

Dear cats,

If you absolutely must throw up, there are good places to do it, such as on the easily cleaned tile floor. There are bad places, such as on the carpet. And then there are OMGWTF?! places, such as in your water dish.

For the love of catnip, could you please, please try to avoid those last two?

Frustrated affection,

(Man. I thought I was long since done being grossed out over cat vomit. Gaaah.)


  1. Ewwwwww! Muffin threw up partly over his food bowl the other week, and I felt much the same as you. At least normally, it's just a matter of scooping it all up; having to extract the bowl is...something else.

  2. Nova did that once, too, and I thought that was plenty icky enough. But this was worse. It was all water-logged and floaty. And the bowl was too full of water to just dump it into the garbage, but the cat barf was, erm, chunky enough not to wash easily down the sink. Just... blecccch.

  3. Eww eww ewww!

    I hope it's just a one-off...

  4. So do I!

    And, um, sorry for the TMI. :)

  5. Hee, no worries. :-) I think that having cats takes you into whole new realms of tolerance.

  6. It's certainly had that effect on me. :)

  7. You want to know about realms of tolerance-try having kids :) However, just reading this discussion has made me sick to my stomach.

  8. I think I'll pass on the kids thing. :)

    And sorry!