Thursday, October 01, 2009

Since I'm Awake At This Disgustingly Early Hour, Have Some Random Links.

Neave Strobe: Stare at the center of the trippy moving image for 20 seconds, then look away. The first time I tried it, nothing happened. On a second attempt, the results were... interesting. Also, I felt slightly queasy for the next couple of hours, which may or may not be related. (Note: not for those with visually-triggered epilepsy, or, probably, motion sickness.)

Doctor Who Dalek created out of 480,000 matchsticks: The usual (and slightly dismissive) thing to say in situations like this is that someone has too much time on their hands. Personally, I think it's exactly the right amount of time. (Note: as far as I can tell, this guy is no relation to Brian Croucher from Blake's 7, but it's certainly an interesting coincidence of names.)

The Science Knowledge Quiz: Yes, I got them all right. The results, I think, are slightly more interesting than the questions.

Doctor Who Exit Interview: David Tennant + Russell T. Davies, with Richard Metzger: Tennant and Davies talk about the end of their time on Who. Fun interview. These guys are always entertaining to watch. And I find myself really looking forward to see how their grand finale goes. (Yes, admittedly, Davies doesn't have the best track record with finales. But when it comes to Who, I am eternally, happily optimistic. And they're definitely making it sound cool!)

Vampire Diaries: The Diaries of Other Vampires Revealed: I think I like Spike's best.


  1. Me in the morning, or the Dalek? ;)

  2. Are you alive?

    hehe, of course I know you are in the real world just not on the blogverse

  3. Blogverse me is intermittently alive. :)

    I was thinking I might do that "currently" meme thing again later. Just to remind people that I am alive...