Tuesday, October 13, 2009

*happy sigh*

I got sleep last night! Hours and hours and hours of glorious sleep! Ah, life is beautiful!

It's lovely today, with a nice, cool breeze ruffling my curtains. I don't have to go to work. Indeed, I have nothing pressing to do at all. I thus feel very relaxed, and am fully intending to keep right on being relaxed. Thus, today will be for reading, watching DVDs and/or whatever's still pending on the TiVo, and doing a bit of light housework of the kind with a high satisfaction-at-getting-it-done/annoyance-at-doing-it ratio.

Now that I'm back on a normal-person sleep schedule, I've been vaguely thinking about going up to Albuquerque tomorrow to run some errands, but I'm almost certain I'll end up procrastinating on that. Man, this book-buying quota thing is impacting all areas of my life... A couple of years ago, I would have motivated myself to go by promising myself a trip to Barnes & Noble or Page One while I was up there, but, nope. There was a Friends of the Library sale this weekend, and of course I hit my book-acquisition limit hard. So, yeah, maybe I will just stay home and read, and tell myself that I'm accomplishing something important by chipping away at the To-Read Pile so I can buy more books later.


  1. THis is the time to start a multiple personality thing.. that way you have multiple quotas to meet.

    I would try to meet up with you tomorrow but I think I am developing bronchitis of some sort...

  2. Hmm. That sounds like a good idea, but the problem is that my multiple personalities wouldn't be able to read different books at the same time. Maybe if I cloned myself...

    Sorry to hear about the bronchitis. I hate that stuff. It tends to settle into my lungs and hang out for months. Here's hoping yours is less tenacious.

    I'm still pretty doubtful I'll make it up tomorrow, anyway. I think I may need two days of relaxation. :)

  3. What are you doing talking to us? Relax, already!

  4. Well done, turning round your schedule. I hope that today has been about making the most of your time - whether that was in Albuquerque, or reading at home. And then getting another good sleep tonight...

  5. Getting up early was the hard part. After that, going to bed early was easy. :)

    And I ended up not going anywhere today, but instead mostly sitting around watching DVDs. Which I have been enjoying greatly.