Wednesday, October 07, 2009

To Reassure My Sister That I'm Still Alive, A Meme

Yes, that's right, this one again.

Current clothes: Dark gray sweat pants. Blue t-shirt I got at Pikes Peak. ("Pikes Peak 14,110'. It's Better On Top.") White socks. Black slippers

Current mood: Pretty darned good. For the first time in days, I was not awake before 6:00 this morning, which does wonders for my state of mind all by itself.

Current music: They Might Be Giants' Flood.

Current annoyance: Allergies. Again. Actually, they mostly haven't been too awful this year, except for the fact that I seem to be getting sinus pain a lot more often than I used to, which is worrying. And just starting today, my lungs are getting irritated. Hooray.

Current thing: After working far too many hours for far too many days and having far too little energy, I've finally got some time off, and am getting stuff done. Laundry, grocery shopping, that sort of thing. Not exactly fun stuff, but I like the feeling of finally accomplishing something.

Current desktop picture: Still the same bookshelves from last month. How can I get tired of looking at bookshelves?

Current book: The Witches of Wenshar by Barbara Hambly. Decent fantasy from the 80s.

Current song in head: For days and days, it was "Downeaster Alexa" by Billy Joel. Now it appears to be "Awaiting on You All" by George Harrison. And while I'm sort of glad to finally have Billy out of my head, I'd really rather have Brain Radio exhorting me to pity fishermen than to embrace religion. I have got to get a tuner for this thing.

Current DVD in player: Disc 5 of season 4 of Supernatural. Honestly, this season is kind of a mess. I'm not entirely sure the overall story arc makes any sense at all, they're going a bit over the top on the Emo Angst, and it seems like every time the writers get stuck they take a big hit off a crack pipe and come up with something insanely goofy. And yet, I'm still enjoying it. I do kind of like some of the story elements, at least in principle; some of the goofy crack-pipe-induced stuff is very funny; and there's one surprisingly good recurring guest character. Plus, any time I start to get bored I can entertain myself quite nicely just looking at Dean, who is very, very, very, very pretty. (What? I can't be shallow?) Whatever the reason, this show seems to sit right on the sweet spot -- if that's the word for it -- where I'm interested enough in it to happily keep watching as it's released on DVD, but not invested enough to care all that much if it does something stupid.

Current refreshment: Water.

Current worry: Eh, minor random crap, mostly.

Current thought: Let's see how late I can manage to stay up tonight.... Maybe tomorrow I can sleep until 9:00! (Sigh. The only thing worse than finding yourself turning into a morning person is turning into a morning person and then having to switch over onto night shifts.)


  1. Allergies have got me too. Had a great time in NJ PA and MD. My brother says hello.

  2. So if you weren't you know... who gets your classic Dr Who DVD and book set? Just asking I mean not that I have been eyeing them or anything.

  3. Dad: Welcome back! Glad you had a good time! And tell him "hello" back from me!

    Smooge: You'd have to talk to my next of kin. ;)

  4. Maybe tomorrow I can sleep until 9:00!

    And apparently the answer to that would be "no." Stupid allergies. Stupid cats.

  5. By the way, re: Supernatural, just in case anybody cares... I've watched through the end of the season now, and a lot of the stuff I found kind of unsatisfying turns out to actually make a surprising amount of sense in retrospect. So I hereby offer the show an apology. :)