Wednesday, October 21, 2009


30 Dumb Inventions: Some of these are very dumb.

5 Websites During The Zombie Apocalypse: Amusing glimpse at what the web will look like once the brain-eating starts.

5 Myths That People Don't Realize Are Admitted Hoaxes: Hey, just because the person pulling the hoax actually, you know, admits it, is that any reason to stop believing?

Deleted Flashback Scene House ep 6x06: Scene from the end of this week's episode of House with a few seconds of deleted footage. It kind of made me go "aww."

And by the way, apropos of my last post -- and not entirely off-topic, since, look, I'm including a link! -- Cartoon Network has made good on the west coast feed screwup with the Venture Bros. season premiere. They're re-airing it Mon-Fri nights this week at 12:30 Pacific, and they made the episode available online almost immediately. So, while it may be true that nobody retires from Phantom Limb's shit list, Cartoon Network has successfully retired from mine.


  1. Dumb invention #31: web pages that make you click instead of scrolling down every time you want to look at the next dumb invention.

    Dumb invention #32: web nanny software that excludes you from reading about zombie apocalypses and five hoaxes but lets you look at artificial breasts and cup bras at a school full of teenaged boys.

    Incidentally, if you have Caribbean music in the soundtrack to your zombie movie, would you call it Apocalypso?

  2. Web nanny software is a dumb invention.

    And Jimmy Buffett beat you to that "apocalypso" pun, I'm afraid. :) It's a great song, too. If I ever stage an apocalypse, I'm totally using it for the soundtrack.

  3. Oh god my tomato is screaming?!?! What should I do? Slice it some more?

  4. And the rocket belt and flying platforms are not a STUPID invention. It is the coolest thing. I would probably use the sea-shoes too. And what is wrong with people with thick glasses?

    I am sure that illuminated tires would really really sell well these days.

    Oh cool my word verification was prated

  5. The tomato probably deserved it. :)

    And I think the rocket belt is one of those inventions that is simultaneously stupid and awesome. I don't believe the two are mutually exclusive. (Actually, the illuminated tires possibly come under the same heading.)

  6. Smooge, I don't know you, but I'll testify as a character witness at your trial. It was self-defense. Remember Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?