Thursday, November 15, 2007

They May Be On Strike, But Their Sense Of Humor Is Still Working.

If you're missing your regular dose of The Daily Show and Colbert due to the writers' strike, take heart! The Daily Show writers have produced a very funny video about, well, the writers' strike:

You know, I'm not sure there's anything more to be said on the subject after that, really. But the Colbert Report writers have produced this, er, rebuttal:

Good luck fightin' The Man, guys!


  1. I haven't been following the writers' strike in the news. In fact, all I know is what you and your contributors have posted here. Even so, I'll stick my neck out and suggest that, in some cases, the writers going on strike won't hurt the viewers. I offer, as an example, this current story line from General Hospital.

    A white tie ball was held (or is being held, considering that one night has been dragging on for two weeks now) in a creepy old mansion on an island in the middle of the lake. A freak thunderstorm arose, stranding everyone on the island and preventing anyone on the mainland from going to help (except for our hero, who was shown on a Jet Ski, in the dark, in the rain storm, racing to the island to save everyone). Meanwhile, a crazed mob boss is running around the mansion, trying to off as many people as he can (except for the girl who reminds him of his wife who died 25 years ago). He has stabbed someone with a sword from a suit of armor, strangled someone, attempted to strangle someone else, and either shot or shot at an undetermined number of people. Everyone is racing around the mansion and outbuildings, making themselves convenient targets as they seek safety, and none of them has complained about how cold the rain is (at night, in upstate New York, in mid-November). The first victim (the one stabbed by the sword) is the city's District Attorney, who also happens to be the crazy mob boss's crooked attorney's son and the half-brother of the local mob boss, who is considered a good guy. Somehow, he's clinging to life, thanks to a blood transfusion from his half-brother, who hates him but honors their mother's memory by keeping him alive, because the hospital doctors attending the ball are brilliant enough to perform a transfusion without any medical equipment available. We don't really want him to live, though, because he held his half-brother's pregnant wife hostage in a "safe room" in his house. (Not only was he not charged with any crime, he became the District Attorney.) The latest victim is the fiancee of the ball's host, who has been having unexplained blackouts and attacks of rage for the past couple of months -- but don't worry; one simple blood test assured us that he is perfectly all right. It might just be the strange aftereffects of an unidentified poison used to keep him subdued and a hostage in his mansion for a few weeks about six months ago.

    In light of this example, I think we're better off without some TV shows.

  2. Heh. I would never dispute that. Hell, I'll happily concede that we'd be better off without most TV shows. I just don't want to lose the five or so that I actually feel slightly better off with.

    But thank you for that, erm, excellent and most illustrative example. Although, you know, the sad thing is that if you set that in outer space, I'd probably watch it. :)

  3. I'm annoyed at the writers strike if only because I too am on strike where I work and the only comment I've gotten from half of my family when they ask how I've been and I tell them about picketing and being on strike is "oh interesting - did you know the writer's guild is out on strike too?"
    It's just odd...

  4. That's kind of weird.

    Well, if you guys put any videos on YouTube, I'll link to them, too. :)