Sunday, November 04, 2007

I Would Rather Spend Daylight Than Save It.

So, I spent a couple of hours last night reading by flashlight. It was a horror novel, sort of, so I guess that made for an appropriate atmosphere.

And now we're off of Daylight Savings Time, finally. This is also something that sucks for us poor night-shift people. Where everybody else gets to sleep an extra hour in order to keep themselves on the same clock schedule, I have to stay up an extra hour. And then the sun's coming up while I'm trying to get to sleep, and by the time I'm finished my morning coffee, it's set and left me in the dark. I've been known to rant and rail against the whole concept of Daylight Savings, but, really, the truth is that I don't understand why we don't simply go onto it and stay there.

(And, of course, by Murphy's Law, I always do seem to be on night shifts when we switch off DST and mornings when we switch back.)


  1. Hey, didnt you read like that when it was time for lites out when you were young? I dont mean that you are old relative to now. Oh, Ill shut up.

  2. I did. It was very nostalgic, really,.

    And, hey, I'm not bothered. Because you'll always be older than me. ;)