Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Currently, I Am Possibly Even More Of A Sci-Fi Geek Than Usual. Amazingly Enough.

Current clothes: A sort of peach-colored t-shirt with a picture of a teddy bear on it and the words "Oklahoma Bear Hug" underneath, which my mother bought me, for some reason, when she was, for some reason, in Oklahoma. The bear appears to be hugging some letters, possibly an O and a U. My guess would be that they stand for "Oklahoma University." I don't know; I'm only wearing it because I wanted to dirty something bright-colored so I'd be closer to a full laundry load. Over that, a short-sleeved light-blue denim shirt, unbuttoned. Jeans. A black belt. White crew socks. Black sneakers.

Current mood: Eh, not bad.

Current music: I think it's mostly been random playlists again lately, nothing terribly memorable. Mostly today I was listening to Escape Pod, which delivers cool science fiction stories directly into my ears.

Current annoyance: Since I updated Firefox, it's started doing this thing where when I spell-check a word, the spell-check suggestions do not disappear from the right-click menu, but hang around forever, piling up on one another, presenting me with a huge and useless menu of pointless words and rendering it difficult to find whatever menu item (or, indeed, spelling suggestion) I'm actually looking for. This is now annoying me beyond all reason or sanity. And apparently it's only happening on my computer. Firefox on the work machines seems fine, even though it's had exactly the same upgrade. Why have you done this to me, Mozilla? Why?

Current thing: Last week, it was sleeping ridiculous hours and not working at all. That was nice. I haven't figured out what it is this week, though.

Current desktop picture: Still the same First Doctor wallpaper as last month.

Current book: Just finished The Areas of My Expertise by John Hodgman. Next up: Timeless by Stephen Cole. Yes, it's yet another Doctor Who novel. I've been going through these Eighth Doctor novels at a rate of about one a month, and apparently the point where I start thinking "Hmm, it's about time to read another of those Who novels" is about the same as the point where I start thinking "Hmm, it's about time to do that currently meme."

Current song in head: "Old Country Doctor (The Ballad of Bones)" by Warp Eleven. Which has been flitting into my head every time I've picked up the aforementioned John Hodgman book. Because, you see, it's a song about Dr. McCoy, and it's got this great line: "I have been asked to do many a thing outside the area of my expertise." Because, see, Bones is always complaining that he's a doctor, not a bricklayer or a moonshuttle conductor or something, and, yes, the inside of my brain is an interesting place, why do you ask?

Current DVD in player: Disc one of Stargate SG-1 season 5. By the way, for those who were worried -- as I'm sure you all were, desperately -- I did manage to get hold of the episodes on disc two that Netflix couldn't get to me. So we can all rest easily knowing the latest science fiction-related crisis in my life has been averted. By the way, while I'm talking about Stargate... I have decided, at this point in my viewing, that what I really want to see is a Stargate: Cool Old Guys spinoff, featuring Jacob Carter/Selmak, Master Bra'tac, and General Hammond.

Current refreshment: I just had some frozen lasagna for lunch (well, not while it was frozen, obviously) and am now enjoying a mug of tea and some salad.

Current worry: Eh, there are things I could worry about, but why bother?

Current thought: Dammit, Jim!


  1. I have that same Oklahoma Bear hug shirt except it is pink. We were headed home after dropping you off at college after our trip around the country. We were just driving through Oklahoma, I think we got those shirts at like a truck stop or something :)
    And just I always assumed it stood for Oklahoma University except the name of the college is the University of Oklahoma. P.S. a family plus my brother-in-law is getting reading to graduate from Oklahoma with his master's and got a job as an associate professor at Old Dominion University in Virginia

  2. Oh an added to the Oklahoma is their logo is OU but should be UO

  3. It's possible the shirt I have might conceivably be described as light pink, but I reject that description, as I do not wear pink. :) I won't ask why you were buying t-shirts at truck stops in Oklahoma... It reflects the flavor of that whole trip somehow, I think.

    And, well, the U sort of looks like it might be in front of the O, even if the O is higher, so maybe it is supposed to be UO? Do I actually care? Well, I suppose I care a bit if my, er, brother-in-law-in-law(?) is graduating from there. Congrats to him, anyway, whatever he is!

  4. It might have been a restaurant with a gift shop, rather than a truck stop.

  5. And I've always wondered why the University of Colorado, which is in Boulder, is called "CU-Boulder".


    P.S. The University of Oregon goes by UO and the University of California goes by UC. VS OU for Oklahoma & CU for Colorado. Conneticut is UCONN. And in sports they all refer to them just by the state name when referring to them.
    And I don't know about the University of Ohio, since no one cares about them :)

  7. speaking of Netflix, thanks for sending me Mr. Brooks instead of Farscape Season 2 disc 2. Apparantly it stars Kevin Costner. The weird thing is in came in the mailer but the address part that you rip off was like taped on? I wonder if it got mixed up with someone else's?

  8. Oh and now I have discovered, thanks for sending Disc 3 cracked!!!! I wonder if like the mail had some kind of trauma?

    Now I have to wait until they get returned etc. etc.

  9. Man, you're really not having good luck! I've had discs arrive damaged or wrong, but never two at the same time. Bah.

    And you're watching Farscape again? Cool!

    But are you sure you didn't order the Kevin Costner movie? I seem to remember you having a huge crash on that guy, once upon a time. ;)

  10. I'm 100% positive. Kevin Costner hasn't been in a good movie in a long long time and I am definitely over that crush.

  11. Yo Kathy, do that Farscape thing

  12. Hey Pop!
    Yeah, I've already been converted to a fan years ago my Betty. I just only have some not so great copies on tape, no offense Betty :)

  13. None taken. In fact, I mainly provide people with episode on the assumption that they'll get hooked on the show and money with thereafter flow naturally from them to the show's creators and copyright holders. :)

  14. HMMMM....Maybe that is not the case so much with me with that...... money thing....copyright hmmm....
    Perfectly willing to if they didn't make it so expensive. We now own all Buffy, Xena, Angela,Stargate SG1 because they are affordable. Unlike various Star Treks and Farscape

  15. whoopps I typed Angela by mistake. That's the spinoff where Angel is in drag.

  16. Hey, Netflix counts!

    I still don't have any Star Trek (TV series) DVDs, precisely because they're so expensive. I fully intend to at least buy the original series some day, but, man, much as I'd like to have the entire run of DS9 on disk, even I bulk at the $700 price tag.

  17. And Angel in drag is a moderately terrifying prospect. :)