Sunday, November 04, 2007

Powerless Owls

Annoying thing about being a night person #607: When the electric company needs to shut the power down for several hours to replace a transformer, they will do it when they expect most people to be asleep, leaving you with a good long while to spend wide awake in pitch darkness. With no computer.

*waves goodbye to the internet for the night*


  1. You can always read by candlelight. :)

    Honestly, I think a night time power cut is stupid. How are the rest of us (the vast majority of their customers, in their case) supposed to use our alarm clocks?

  2. Captain, you need one of those battery backup alarm clocks. I guess I cant get over being thinking like a father. Oh, Ill just shut up.

  3. Thanks, Pop. It's nice to know you still care, no matter how old we are. :)

  4. All right, I take it all back. NOT!