Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yes, I Am White and Nerdy.

I think this is officially Albuquerque's Geekiest Week Ever, between the Mythbusters on Saturday and the Weird Al Yankovic concert tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to the concert, but, man, I am not used to having a social calendar this full. Three fun trips into the city in the past month, and I'm starting to get that overstimulated introvert thing going on. I think I'm close to reaching the point where I just want to crawl into a hole with a stack of books and not talk to anybody for a week.


  1. I wish El Paso would have something fun to drive to. I once said that Socorro is an armpit town, which I guess is true, but you can at least drive to the head, where something interesting is going on. I, on the other hand, live am stuck in the crotch, and if you go a little farther south, you come to... Ahem.

  2. I am planning on moving to Saskatoon, which is sort of like the spleen of Canada. No one really tours there from what I gather - at least Geo and J have to travel long distances to see anyone on tour.

  3. Captain C: El Paso has a Barnes & Noble. That's all I remember from the one trip I made there. :)

    And, geez, Las Cuces must be a sad place to live if Albuquerque seems like a happening town by contrast!

    Magnus: On the other hand, the fact that there are people living in Saskatoon does make me think that perhaps we New Mexicans should shut up about being in the middle of nowhere. :)

  4. Las Cruces has a Barnes & Noble, too, and a really awesome used bookstore. (And I do mean that in the dictionary sense.)

    I drove through a lot of "middle of nowhere" towns during my recent trip to Iowa, and I do appreciate living in the middle of nowhere someplace warm