Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We Are Living In A Material World, And I Am A Material Girl.

Your Score: The Empiricist

You scored 100 Materialism and 30 Phenomenology!

There are those who say that the truths of the universe can all be spun from a person's own head, but you know that knowledge is founded in sensory experience. You are the Empiricist.

The Empiricists presented the first true challenge to Rationalist dominance in Europe. Though they never achieved the sort of contorted reasoning found in Descartes, the Empiricists started a major shift in Western philosophy and the eggheads have never looked back. You live life by trial and error and don't believe anything is true without good reason. However, you leave more room for the internal world of personal experience than some, because after all, how can you truly know you aren't splotches of paint?

Thinkers you may agree with: John Locke, David Hume, George Berkely, Richard Dawkins
Thinkers that may challenge you: Immanuel Kant, St. Thomas Aquinas, Carl Jung

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  1. You scored 10 Materialism and 50 Phenomenology!

    Plato's Republic makes you feel fuzzy inside. You can rapturously quote from the Kant you agree with (and ignore the Kant you don't). You're the Idealist. Idealism got its start with Plato, and confusingly enough, Platonic idealism and Platonic realism are the same thing. The material world disgusts you as an imperfect shadow of what is Ideal, the eternal perfect forms of objects that exist somewhere beyond our sensory experiences. Any specific tree, for example, is merely a representation of the idea of treeness in Platonism. Still with me? Hello? Thinkers you may agree with: Plato, Zeno of Elea, Plotinus Thinkers that may challenge you: David Hume, John Locke, Aristotle

    Oddly enough, I am not that big on Plato.

  2. I didn't take this quiz because I am frightfully ignorant of philosophy. In fact, all I do know is that Immanuel Kant was a real pissant who was very rarely stable...

  3. Thanks for putting that song back in my head again. :)

  4. "Oddly enough, I am not that big on Plato."

    I always preferred Pluto to Plato (other than that whole Pluto-goes-on-all-fours-while-Goofy-walks-upright business that confused me even as a child, but that's a whole 'nother kettle of cod...)

  5. I'm Kantian apparently...and very rarely stable.