Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not Exactly Who I Was Hoping For...

Your Score: Rose

You scored 25% strength, 44% intelligence, 73% friendliness, and 21% escapology!

So you're in love with The Doctor. Who wouldn't be, with a gorgeous mug like his? But how much do you actually help him out? Not a whole lot. You're not the one who figures things out, and you're certainly not winning any awards for kick-assery. Even your solutions seem to cause more problems - remember the whole "swallowing the time vortex" thing? Yeah, that worked out well. Smooth.

Still, your pleasant enough to be around, and exactly what the Doctor needs to start getting over his emo side. It helps that you know how to dance.

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  1. Geez, they didn't even get my gender right. How accurate is this quiz?

    You are Jo Grant. You're not the brightest or strongest of the bunch, but your special studies in escapology sure make you useful! Initially, the Doctor may have been annoyed by your lack of skills (especially those involving science), but your warm presence and constant reliability have made him warm up to you. Be careful, though. The Doctor has grown to truly appreciate you as a pupil. When you start using those escapology skills on *him*, he might not take it so well. (Try to at least visit Metabilis III before you do.)

  2. How accurate is any online quiz?

    I was Jo Grant, too.

  3. You scored 40% strength, 72% intelligence, 46% friendliness, and 42% escapology!

    You are Adric. Let's be honest: only Tegan likes you. You get into all kinds of trouble, and the Master's constantly trying to kidnap you to use in his evil schemes. You're not even very pleasant to be around, what with your short temper and constant questioning of the Doctor's orders. Still, there's no getting around the gold star for mathematical excellence. You have math skills that are second only to the Doctor's himself. I guess that's why he keeps you around.

    (...actually [although I've apparently missed this character's run], overall that's purdy frighteningly accurate in my case...)

  4. Well, there aren't that many male companions to choose from. And who says gender's an important criterion for being similar to someone, anyway? :)

    Me, I would have been happier with Jo. Then again, at least I'm not Adric. ;)

  5. And who says gender's an important criterion for being similar to someone, anyway?
    True. We are frighteningly alike in some ways. (And I'm sure you would have been happier being Martha, but at least you were a pretty companion.)

  6. I dunno, I suppose Rose counts as pretty, but not remotely in a way that I envy. :)

  7. Ha ha, you got the dumb one...


  8. There were much dumber companions. Like Harry Sullivan, say, much though I love him. :)


  10. Maybe you'd like your result more if you looked at the world through Rose-colored glasses?