Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Think Sleep Is A Myth.

Good thing today: I'm going up to Albuquerque to see the Mythbusters! Live! Man, those guys are my TV heroes. Right up there with the Doctor, but, y'know, slightly less fictional.

Bad thing today: I knew I was going to have to cut myself a bit short on sleep to make the show, but I expected to at least get some sleep. Hello, insomnia, my old friend. Why do you always pick the least convenient times to drop by? I blame work, as things last night were annoying and complicated, and left me rather keyed up at the end of the shift. Fortunately, I'm not driving, but my friends might just have to carry me out to the car when it's over.


  1. Those guys are great. Kind of reminds me of a couple of McYvers(spelling?).. What is a live show like?

  2. They didn't actually do any live mythbusting. Mostly it was a sort of Q&A thing, with them talking a lot, telling anecdotes, and generally being very funny. They also showed some stuff that was cut from the show and a blooper reel that Adam had apparently put together himself.

  3. aren't you asleep yet??? Glad to see you got home OK.

  4. Came home. Checked my e-mail, 'cause I'm obsessive. Took a bath, 'cause that sounded really nice, and I wanted to try to stay up at least a little longer, because I'm still on a late work schedule. Am now about to crash hard.

    By the way, we did end up at the Flying Star, but didn't see you there. It was a while before we got there, though. We waited for the parking garage to clear out.

    It was great to see you, anyway!


  5. are you still sleeping?