Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nerdy in 'Querque

The Weird Al concert was awesome. I think Albuquerque may now be the best place to see Al, as this time it led to him doing, like, seven encores. The audience kept chanting for him to do "Albuquerque," and he kept pretending to not have a clue what we wanted, and coming out and playing random cover songs. He does a rockin' rendition of "Smoke on the Water," for the record. Finally he said, "Oh, you want me to do the song I wrote about the town we're in?" which led to what I am quite sure was the world premiere of "Rio Rancho" (that being the Albuquerque suburb the concert was technically in, as well very nearly the entirety of the lyrics). And then he did, in fact, do "Albuquerque," one and a fraction times. With extra doughnuts.

Also, there were Imperial Stormtroopers (although not during the encores). And I now have a "white & nerdy" t-shirt, which should serve to give people around me fair warning.


  1. That's the British English spelling, probably picked up from so muxh exposure to Doctor Who. :) Since they are made out of dough, it also seems a more logical spelling. I assume that not even Americans spell "dough" as "do". :)

  2. My spell-checker didn't like it, and I don't know why not. I've seen it spelled that way before, even in the US.

    Then again, my spelling is heavily influenced by UK English. Damn, it there ought to be two l's in "traveller" and "cancelled!" It just looks right!

  3. Sorry, I wasn't commenting on the spelling. I'll accept a donut or a doughnut. (In fact, I had one yesterday.) I was merely wondering what the "With extra doughnuts" comment meant.

  4. Ah. Well, you see, there's a bit in the song about doughnuts. It goes on for rather a long while. And in the live version, it featured more and different doughnuts.

    The lyrics are here, but seeing them written out really doesn't remotely do them justice. :)

  5. I always use cancelled, both are perfectaly acceptable according to the dictionary. Microsoft Word likes it just fine, but blogger does not.
    And trust me I have to type and read the word cancelled many times a day and see both ways.

  6. Hey there,
    Just starting work and noticed that on the online manual they use "cancelled"