Monday, March 19, 2007

Wow, That Averages Out to About 120 Books Per Day...

After 19 days of effort, I have finally succeeded in re-cataloging my entire damned library. Well, with the exception of the books I haven't actually read yet, that is. Which, admittedly, is a big exception; I'd say the To-Read Pile makes up roughly one fifth of all the books I own. And there are still a lot of book covers that weren't in the database, which I ought to scan in sometime... so even the main part's not quite completely done. Still, I'm willing to call it an Accomplishment. With the capital A and everything.

And, you know, it's kind of interesting to systematically revisit a library you've accumulated over the course of a lifetime. Man... Some people have tattoos or police records or, I dunno, extensive beer can collections to serve as souvenirs of their misguided and misspent youths. Me, I've got a couple shelves of bad Star Trek novels. Of course, what really gets me is how long I kept buying them for after I was old enough to know they were bad. Oy. (Note to Trekkies: No, I'm not saying there are no good Star Trek books. Some of 'em are actually very cool. But the bad ones... are bad.)

Anyway. 2,284 books down! Not too shabby, eh?

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