Friday, March 23, 2007

If Only I Could Kill With the Power Of My Mind...

There are few things more guaranteed to ruin your day than picking your way carefully across flooded gutters after a rainstorm to ensure that you get no worse than one slightly damp sneaker, only to be walking along a nice dry sidewalk a few minutes later, minding your own business, and have some asshole in a truck with dimensions clearly designed to be inversely proportional to his dick size come racing along at illegal speeds straight through a huge-ass but nevertheless easily-avoidable puddle six inches from you.

What really pisses me off isn't the fact that I had to show up for work with my clothes wet from head to toe, nor is it the feeling of having been metaphorically spat upon. It's that I was holding a book in my hand at the time. *strokes the poor damp paperback sadly*


  1. At least in wasnt a hardcover. If Kathy doesnt want that book, Alas, your Dad wouldnt mind it. Glad your feeling better, too.

  2. Paperbacks are actually a little more vulnerable, though, given that the covers are, well, paper.

    I might have someone else who got in ahead of you on the Who book; she just didn't give me an actual firm answer (or an address). But if she passes, you can have it. Wow, you guys really are getting into that show, huh? I am gratified!

    And happy birthday to Janice, by the way, although I can never remember if it's actually the 22nd, 23rd, or 24th. (I have the same problem with Grandmom's, which may be the 28th of October, or may be the 26th or something, and no matter how many times someone tells me, I can never quite keep it in my brain.) I sent a card; dunno if it's there yet.